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storm damaged drywall torn away from infrastructure of home

Flooding in Home During a Storm

Water has the ability to permeate many different materials and find its way into hard to reach spaces. The same is true of homes flooding during heavy rains. Inches or even feet of water can be found in homes when flooding occurs, saturating all it comes into contact with. Floors and walls, like this home, will need to be removed, dried out, and rebuilt once flood waters are extracted.

ceiling with damage and hanging tarps

Ceiling Damage After Storm

Roofs are usually the first from structures to be damaged as they are the most exposed. Shingles can go missing and cracks may form from flying debris hitting the roof. This building's roof was affected during a severe storm, impacting the ceiling beneath it. Multiple ceiling panels and insulation was removed as they were damaged from sitting water. As with any water damage job, quick dry out was necessary to mitigate further damage.

home with green SERVPRO truck

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

Is your home ready for any hurricanes or storms to come? Florida is no stranger to strong storms and the damage that comes with them. Getting your home ready includes hurricane shutters, inspecting your roof, fixing any issues in your foundation and securing loose items. At SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach we always recommend our customers stay safe and prepare their homes way in advance of the storm season!

kitchen with appliances and window

Damaged Window Frames and Water Damage in Deerfield Beach

During a heavy storm, if you notice water coming into your house though the window is closed you may have a bigger issue at hand. Wrongly installed windows, missing caulking, cracks and other damage can all be the cause behind water leaking through your window. Inspecting your windows for any faults or cracks is important.

living room in Deerfield Beach

Restoration Services in Deerfield Beach

At SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach, no job is too big or too small. We have had experience with many different homes affected by water, mold, fire, biohazard issues, and odors. Our team works hard to make sure your home is clean, healthy, and damage-free. We work hard so your home will look "Like it never even happened."

boxes with valuables packed on bed during restoration

Caring For Your Valuables in Deerfield Beach

During any type of restoration job, our team not only documents your home's valuables but we help to pack them as well. This process is done in an organized, efficient manner before the restoration process begins. In packing and moving your items, we are ensuring they do not impede the restoration timeline nor are they damage or affected by mold, water, smoke or odor.

living room in Deerfield Beach during odor removal

Nicotine Odor Removal in Deerfield Beach

Your home may hold many odors from cleaning chemicals, cooking, and more. Some odors are bearable while others like those from nicotine are nauseating and overwhelming. This Deerfield Beach homeowner called our team out to remove nicotine odors from their home and furniture. After documenting the home's contents, our team utilized air scrubbers along with proprietary cleaners to deodorize the home and improve air quality.

ceiling damaged by water after flooding

Water Pooling Damages Ceiling in Deerfield Beach

Damage to your home's ceiling from water can happen instantly or overtime. A second-story bathroom might have a small leak in one of it's pipes, collecting a pool of water underneath it. That same pipe might also suddenly burst pouring gallons of water into one area. Your roof may have a leak in it, worsening every time it rains. The point is, like the ceiling pictured, ceilings are just as easily affected by water damage as floors or walls and in need of professional restoration.

damaged floor tiles with mold removed

Water Damage Turns to Mold

Acting quickly after your home is affected by flooding is imperative in mitigating further damage including mold. Mold takes as little as 24-48 hours to develop. Mold also spreads terribly quickly through a home, affecting more than just one area. This homeowner learned this the hard way. Our crew was called in for water extraction but also provided mold remediation services once the tiles were lifted and mold was discovered.

wall drywall and insulation with water damage

Water Damage to Home's Walls in Deerfield Beach

Many materials used to build walls within a home can be porous. During a disaster, these materials absorb water that will sit and may eventually begin to compromise the wall's structure by allowing it to rot or weakening it. For this water damage restoration job, the material in the walls were stripped away in this Deerfield Beach home. Our crew knew proper drying needed to happen quickly to ensure the walls were not affected any further.

kitchen covered and protected during restoration

Content Protection During Restoration Process

At SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach, we are careful to protect your valuables during any restoration job. Our team will cover any items that are not in need of restoration completely to ensure they are not affected while we work. We also will quarantine any rooms, especially those with mold, to hinder the spread of damage to other areas in your home.

bathroom floor with tile removed after water damage

Water Damage After A Fire in Deerfield Beach

After a fire occurred in Deerfield Beach, much of this home's tile was in need of removal for water damage restoration. Based on the magnitude of the fire, water alongside other extinguishers may have been used to snub it out. This water could have come from a sprinkler or a fire department hose. Aside from smoke, soot, and odor removal, water removal can occur during the restoration process.

ceiling with vent exposed for cleaning

HVAC Cleaning After Fire

Clean air inside your home is important, especially after a fire. When this Deerfield Beach home suffered fire damage, our crew took to the ceiling and HVAC system. A thorough sweep of the system was done with specialized equipment and cleaning solutions, removing any soot or smoke remains. Clean air means a happy, healthy customer.

kitchen during smoke removal after fire

Soot and Smoke Damage Removal

After a fire damaged part of this home, it was necessary for our crew to remove the soot and smoke that remained in the house. Soot and smoke damage is not always clearly visible but can have major consequences for those living with it. Soot consists of particles from burned materials in the home. These materials can be fabric, wood, or plastic and can have an adverse effect on your health if you were to come into contact with its burned particles. 

flooding on floor with wooden floor boards removed

Flooding in Office in Deerfield Beach

Any business is susceptible to an emergency disaster, like flooding as this office experienced first hand. As business owners ourselves, we understand that time lost is money lost. When small businesses are in need of restoration, our team works quickly to get our customers back to regularly scheduled operating hours. This office required floorboard removal and a quick dry out before they were able to open their doors again. 

white floors in condo with flooding

Multiple Unit Flooding and Water Damage

The property owners for this building called our team out to remove water from multiple units. One condo had a pipe burst in it's guest bathroom. The water quickly spread through the condo and eventually to the unit right next to it. Both units were in need of water extraction and drying. The water found in the units was classified as a Category Two based on its source. This called for extensive cleaning and restoration.

white roof with rust and water damage

Rusting Roof with Water Damage

Rust is formed when iron and oxygen mix with water or moisture-filled air. The rust found on this roof indicates that water damage is to blame for this issue. There may have been standing water on this roof, corroding the metal and creating holes. While removing the rust and patching up the roof is feasible, our crew needed to make sure that the rust nor standing water caused further issues to the building's infrastructure. These issues could include water pooling, ceiling damage, or mold. 

air movers on water damaged office floors

Water Damage to Office Floors

This commercial office was recently flooded in Deerfield Beach. The wood flooring throughout the office had taken on so much water that removal was necessary. Our team worked to remove many of the floorboards, allowing the air movers to dry the floors before any other water damage restoration work was completed.

green SERVPRO van in front of beige house

SERVPRO of Deerfield Beach Is There for all Your Restoration Needs

When you see the green SERVPRO van outside of a home or building, rest assured our team is onsite helping a customer with whatever emergency disaster they may be experiencing. Our team provides quick and efficient response for all of your fire, water, or mold restoration needs.

wall with pipes and drywall ripped out

Mold Under Kitchen Sink

A kitchen is common place to find mold lurking, especially under the kitchen sink. Pipes may have a tendency to leak, or a sink may overflow. Under a sink tends to be dark and humid, making it the perfect environment for mold to form.

ceiling with vent and water spot on ceiling

Ceiling Water Damage in Deerfield Beach

This ceiling was experience water damage causing stains and spots to begin appearing. The issue was stemming from the home's HVAC system, which was not properly working. Our team immediately began working on removing the drywall and drying the ceiling before repairing it. The HVAC was also assessed for any issues or damage causing water pooling.

concrete wall with window and man pointing to wall with mold on it

Hidden Mold Damage from Water Leak

This window on this concrete wall was not properly sealed, allowing water and moisture to sit on the wall. Moisture and humidity allow mold to grow and prosper, causing this homeowner's wall damage.

drywall cut out in hallway with mold on it

Mold Damage Found in Deerfield Beach Home

This home was experiencing hidden mold damage. Mold is not easily detected unless a professional samples and tests areas or materials for mold. Our crew was able to uncover the source of the mold and begin the remediation process quickly to return this homeowner back to living their everyday routine without the implications of mold damage.